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About Us

Finding Inspiration Naturally

We are a small family owned and operated business based in Southeast Texas headed by our CEO, Ashley Cole. She is a US Navy Veteran and the youngest of 8 children. She is happily married and has 3 children. Our company was born when we realized we were hungry for all natural skin and self-care products made from ingredients we can pronounce and there were not many near us. We could not find products that were not not mass produced in some factory that we could trust to provide quality and affordable holistic, all natural, clean products made in the United States of America. We decided to take the plunge and provide our community, state, country, and planet with great products to assist with self-care. Our family got to work studying plants, foods, botanicals, herbs, and oils that provide the best benefits for skin so that we can make the best for you. We are named Ni's Naturals because our daughter's nickname is Ni(rhymes with hi) :) and we are investing in her future and her passion of caring for others naturally! At Ni's Naturals we only use naturally sourced, organic raw ingredients to make our self care products because we know you are all our neighbors and we do not make or sell any product that we do not use ourselves. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and hope to add you to our growing family. Ni's Naturals is your source for Handmade & Natural Self-Care Products to Nourish Your Skin & Your Soul!

Thank You For Your Business!

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